February 15, 2018

Hello guys! How have you been?

As someone who loves seeing "behind the scenes" of digital painting's final result, I bring you another step by step process with commentary of my latest piece.
I haven't done a step by step process breakdown in a while and I've been thinking on making some sort of digital painting tutorial at least once a month. So if you like these type of posts, then please stick around! :) 

Now onto the step by step!

I: First step, of course, the sketch. For these last few months I've been making an effort to actually draw my concept instead of going straight to colour block on Photoshop and just figure out what I want to paint as I go. It keeps my mind a bit organized and with an initial vision to go on from.

II: Here I lay out the base colours I plan on using, to briefly test if they work well or not. The only colours I already had in mind were the ones for the corset and her dress, and the rest of the colours would be whichever would complement these later on.

III: Then I started to work on my base colours by adding some slight shading to create form. For the background I used Curves and came up with that green/blue/yellowish mix of colours that I really liked.

IV: With the Multiply brush mode I darkened the before slight shading, so now there is more contrast between colours. I added some folds to the dress and some details on the limits of the corset.

V: At this point, as things were relatively put together, I was able to turn off the sketch layer and step away from it a bit. As you can see, I made some changes to the face when it comes to the face shape and eyes as I noticed that these were a bit too big and high in the face. I also added the strings of the opening of her corset and placed some more shades to her hair.

VI: The face was once again altered by giving her an oval shaped jaw line and by closing her eyes in order to make her look dreamier. I rendered the fabric of the corset (reference helps a bunch!) and the dress. For the background I used the Overlay brush mode to intensify the colours.

VII: Here I blended her skin, highlighted the face and fixed her chest area, so it looks like it has volume. When it comes to her dress, I painted some details and with the Multiply brush mode, I intensified the shading of her clothes and skin. I also added the tree branch behind her just like in the sketch.

VIII: Looking back, it seems like a big jump from the previous step to this one, haha! But there really isn't; here I just used two adjustment layers, Brightness/Contrast and Colour Balance until I was happy with the overall feel and colours. With a Colour Dodge layer I added many highlights throughout the whole painting (on the hair, body, outfit) and I placed some butterflies on the background so I could fill the entire space.

IX: And here's the final result! I worked a bit on the ambient occlusion and used Brightness/Contrast once again. Also, with a Lighten layer I placed some colour on top of the tree branch so it looked a bit more mysterious and like it belongs to the painting's enviroment.

If you'd like, you can see the final result's full size of this digital painting here on my DevianArt page.

I usually record my process, but this painting was meant to practice and try out some new things. 

However, I frequently post many videos on Youtube showcasing the process of my other digital paintings which you can find here

I really hope you enjoyed this step by step! You can check out previous one I made some months ago here!

I will see you at the end of the week with a new digital painting! 

Have a good one! :)

February 13, 2018

February 1, 2018

Hello! ❄ How have you been? 

For this year I have set quite a few goals when it comes to art. Besides the basic and important need of having to get better and to improve overall, I want to make about 5 to 7 finished paintings each month. This will make me have a regular and consistent schedule to dedicate to painting and allow me to have enough content to share!

And as a way to archive it properly on my blog, I decided to make a monthly blog post recapping what I have done and briefly talk about each painting. So let's start! 

This was my first illustration for my Birthstone series. It's meant to represent the garnet which is January's birthstone and its association with love and health.
You can watch the video process here.


Since mermaids were pretty much the only thing I would doodle about during my teen years, I realised that I have never tried to do it digitally which is quite an insult to my younger self! After this one I also made another mermaid sketch that I've been wanting to finish, so if you like mermaids as much as me be sure to stick around if you'd like to see it! :)
You can watch the video process here.


One of my art related resolutions for this year is to draw guys. I've always felt like drawing girls was much more fun due to the body proportions and the extravagant outfits that we can create; slowly but surely I've been able to find some fun in drawing men and I definitely want to explore it more and more. For this one, I drew this sort of hunter in front of a bonfire.


This painting started as a pretty random girl face sketch and the final result that you see now evolved from there. I'll be posting the timelapsed process tomorrow on my Youtube channel! :)


I started to play Fran Bow a few days ago and I have been enjoying it a lot. I wanted to incorporate her tree form in some way and I wanted to portray a bit of nonsense when it comes to the background to reflect her quite crazy and twisted mind. This painting was streamed in its entirety on Twitch. I am still not sure whether I should use Picarto.tv or Twitch to stream, so if you have some insight about it I'd appreciate it!
You can watch the full stream here.   


This painting will be the second illustration for my Birthstone series which represents the Amethyst! I will be releasing the timelapsed video in the next few weeks. 

And that's it for the month of January! I hope you liked it and be sure to stay tuned for future posts. You can sign up for this blog's newsletter and follow me on social media if you'd like! 

See you tomorrow!

January 26, 2018

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